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Voimafilososofi (engl. The Strength Philosopher). Read more about the thoughts and expertise behind Jonne Kytölä's coaching service.

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Mikael - CEO

"I've been coached by Jonne since 2018. I've gotten further in training than I ever would have by myself. Jonne's expertise shows in his coaching of the exercises, systematic approach and results. On top of this, training with Jonne refreshes your thoughts and we have a good time!"
Douglas - CEO

"I’m super happy. Thanks for the awesome programming and coaching. Previously I could’ve easily not trained for weeks when life is so stressful, but working with you has pushed me to keep my shit somewhat together even when stress and problems got insanely tough. To continue to make these gains is super motivating too."

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Kaisu - SVP Consumer lending, Collateral and Real Estate Business, Board member

"Jonne is a great coach if you are looking for motivating, demanding, technically sound and also humorous training. By using the app my own sessions stay focused too. With Jonne's help I've developed my endurance and found a new motivation for my strength training."
Aki - Chief Technical Officer

"I had started to worry about my everyday performance and life quality. The consistency and scheduled times have motivated me to push forwards. Jonne's coaching has been rewarding, progressive and well-rounded. I recommend Jonne's coaching to beginners who are not familiar with the gym. Jonne's large knowledge base, long-term thinking and calmness give space for development without unnecessary perfectionism."
Vesa - Senior Account Executive

"Jonne is very knowledgeable in barbell weight training and I can recommend him as a coach if you want to get in better shape, improve your lifting technique and be healthier. Jonne takes great care of understanding your personal fitness goals and lifestyle and helps you to improve no matter your training background and goals. In addition to training Jonne is a great motivator and a very pleasant person to work with."
Asko - Game Artist

"I wanted to get stronger and improve my technique in training. Through Jonne's coaching my lifting form became natural and automatic, and recovery was planned well. Jonne's listening and calm style combined with a getting-it-done attitude fits both beginners and experienced trainees. I recommend Jonne's coaching to anyone interested in strength training or staying in shape, no matter your age."
Kirsi - Cultural Production Graduate

"I warmly recommend Jonne's coaching! As a coach Jonne is humane, professional and motivating. My life has changed significantly as I've learned about nutrition, prioritizing and the big picture of wellbeing."
Mikko - Game Developer
"My training results were stuck for a long time and I didn't feel confident with the big movements or heavier weights due to my lifting form. With Jonne my form has improved to the next level and I've learned many useful exercises. I've also grown mentally, and now I have the confidence for heavier weights. I get more out of my sessions and focus more on results and progression."
Kikka - Security Guard
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"In Jonne's coaching I beat my anxieties about the gym. On top of great results, my confidence at work has increased, my body handles my hobbies better and taking care of healthy eating happens almost by itself. Jonne's reliable coaching has given me the tools to also design my training and eating habits for myself."


A thoughtful, mind-clearing podcast about health, wellbeing, and strength - our behaviour, emotions, and thoughts around these topics.

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